The MKI Miyuki-Zoku Store opened its doors in May of 2010.

Founded by creative director Vik Tailor, the idea was to bring a truly groundbreaking concept store to the heart of Leeds, introducing new labels; new styles and a new look and ethos to the city. Set to be a hub for the knowledgeable fashion consumer, in an environment that was simultaneously creative and relaxed.

Today MKI has now gained mass reputation as a fashion store, brand, creative space, and web-store. With the main emphasis being on the MKI own label, the store also takes pride in working together with; and stocking; the likes of Comme des Garcons and Saint James.

The idea behind the brand is to offer designer products and quality garments from a designer perspective, at a much more modest price point. The collections are made to be accessible both in wear-ability and affordability.

The store and brand is fuelled by the passion of the team behind it. From the designers and staff, to the production team and manufacturers. Everyone involved is dedicated to bringing quality product to the table, alongside passionate front of house service.


Miyuki - Zoku

The first Japanese to adopt elements of the Ivy League Look were a youth tribe called the Miyuki-Zoku, who suddenly appeared in the summer of 1964. The group's name came from their storefront loitering on Miyuki Street in the upscale Ginza shopping neighborhood (the suffix "zoku" means subculture or social group). The Miyuki-zoku were mostly in their late teens, a mix of guys and girls, likely numbering around 700 at the trend's peak.

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