Complex feature
17 june 2013

Complex have posted an encouraging feature highlighting our recent trip to Atlanta for the Modern Atlanta exhibition. This was possibly one of our career highlights to date as it delved into our exploration with all things design, from architecture, interiors, art and product. We hope to be working with the guys at MA very soon, so watch this space...

'A great jacket is a like piece of art. From the stitching to the way it feels, it hangs in your own personal art gallery: your closet. But how many jackets are actually amazing enough to hang in an exhibit that's all about interior design?

MKI recently showcased its newest collection at Modern Atlanta Tradeshow, an exhibition that normally shows the best in interior design and cool spaces, and the jackets became the center attraction.

The brand's clothes aren't too crazy, but, instead, focus on details that separate them from other garments that would love to be called "next-level." The jackets, T-shirts, and button-down shirts are things you can actually wear—everyday, too.

Who doesn't want a great motorcycle jacket or the perfect white T-shirt? The brand has introduced some of the slickest suede jacket options, and we're counting down the days till we can wear a leather jacket again with liquefying in the streets—Alex Mack steez.

Check the images above and the brand's online store to get more info.'

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